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We checked in with Greenberg on the importance of archiving collections, its challenges, and advice he has in store for designers. And whether you are an avid vintage collector or just appreciate having a closet full of finely crafted clothing, having the option to protect the pieces that have come to define your personal style like you would a piece of art or prized classic car can provide invaluable piece of mind. We know how much time, energy and money you invested to acquire that perfect handbag. Now it is vital to protect it against improper storage for years or harmful conditions. If you would like expert care with your fashionable investments, you can trust in Garde Robe! If your bag gets wet, empty the contents and allow to air dry at room temperature outside of the closet. Never place handbags on the floor or seat next to you — use a purse hook. Use breathable fabric bags to protect from dust and moisture.

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Pricey cocktails, chic decor, affluent men and prowling cougars are often found in this exotic environment, and though afternoons are generally reserved for quiet, elegant drinking, nights can give way to an electric, Martini-swilling crowd. Here are our favorite hotel bars in the city; as always, leave yours in the comments. The Ace Hotel is notoriously hip, having turned its strip of 29th Street into a sea of swanky stores, bespoke subs and Stumptown.

But the lobby bar is surprisingly unpretentious, catering to a fairly casual Midtown post-work crowd in the rear of the room.

New York City is a great place for families. One thing that helps: free-admission days at museums, gratis concerts and films, complimentary story sessions and exciting events that make local entertainment more affordable than you might expect.

June 4th, in Bangkok Ladyboys Thai Girls Every guy coming to Thailand at least thinks about having a sexual experience with a Thai ladyboy. Like this you avoid facing a dick instead of a pussy if you do try to avoid it. There are hundreds of single Thai ladyboys in Bangkok that are ready for a sexual adventure with you on a daily basis. Continue reading, below are the answers to all of your questions. Ladyboy Bar Girls I have done some field research on a couple of evenings this week to check out the vibe a the ladyboy go-gos as well as the costs for taking one back to your room.

Casanova is probably the best ladyboy go go bar in Bangkok, the dancers are pretty damn hot, and almost all off them got huge and stunning boobs. There is only one ladyboy go go bar on Soi Cowboy and you can imagine that it draws a lot of attention: As I walked in there last night the ladyboys were literally running towards me, three of them were jumping down from the stage so I was quickly surrounded by about a dozen of half-naked ladyboys, all of them enthusiastically fighting for me allowing them to hang out together.

At Nana Plaza, they even offer rooms Baht on the top floor of the building. The standard rates for ladyboy massage in Bangkok are slightly higher than for the girls: They can be quite hard to negotiate with and demand 1, Baht for the hand job and it can take some work to bargain it down to the standard Baht. Blow jobs and sex are also frequently offered for a tip of 1, to 2, Baht. Even if you are not interested and just look in their eyes, usually they try to touch and talk to you.

Most of them are gathering on darker spots on the side of the walkway but then you even have like a dozen of street hookers right in front of the fountain at the main entrance of the famous five-star Sofitel Bangkok luxury hotel.

Formula E is back in Brooklyn

It turns out, though, no one who was attending the BBQ was very excited at the prospect of pie. Geez, how can anyone not like pie? The recipe calls for sheets of gelatin. I opted to use gelatin powder instead since it can be found in regular supermarkets I used Knox Gelatine.

Customer service is the key at our Gadsden hotel, and our staff won’t rest until you’re completely comfortable. We’re close to the Talladega® Race (NASCAR®) and are happy to host groups of fans and drivers in town for the races.

Before several elitist mayors — and all sorts of other plagues — came around, there were way more outrageous gay dives to spice up a Gotham night at. Here are 10 of the absolute sleaziest — which is not always a bad word, mind you. He owned this ambient Times Square hangout filled with go-go boy contests and drag and transsexual shows from to Among the performers were legends like Dorian Corey and Angie Extravaganza. On the main floor, drag performers like Ruby Rims and The Amazing Electrifying Grace would alternate with live fisting shows, as well as a fan dancer and guys suspended on ropes over the bar.

Between shows, the music pumped and the dancing was as fierce as a bottle of fresh poppers. Downstairs, there was a sex room where guys got to use the bodies they’d worked on all week. The Anvil was very of its time and never boring. I went once and remember that as you walked, the carpet squished. It was like a horror film! The centerpiece of the place was a bathtub where a guy begged to get peed on. He didn’t need to beg, since there were plenty of willing givers.

So they became the house “entertainment” at Stella’s, which several New York drag queens could be found at out of drag — not working, but working the studs. Stella’s exuded a real, palpable Times Square ambience the way, say, Applebee’s just doesn’t.

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Research suggests that bedbugs originally preyed on bats in caves, and that they added human blood to their diet as soon as human beings began to move into the caves. After World War II, bedbugs all but disappeared from New York City, but in recent years, an enormous growth in global travel, changes in pestcontrol measures the use of baits instead of residual sprays for cockroaches, for example , and the lack of general knowledge about bedbugs and how they spread have all contributed to a huge increase in bedbug infestations in New York and other cities around the world.

Common bedbugs Cimex lectularius are small, wingless insects that live on the blood of warm-blooded creatures. The nymphs pass through five stages of growth in which they become larger versions of themselves, becoming a translucent-amber or straw color when hungry and shedding their skins which are really a waxy outer skeleton, or exoskeleton as they go; right after molting, they may appear paler and waxier.

They need to have at least one blood meal to pass from one stage to the next, and usually reach adulthood in four to five weeks.

Hotel Residence Location: Zoom In on the above map using the map controls for more detail, and select an incident by clicking on it for address details. Use the field below to search for incident reports around an address – it will also auto suggest up to 10 incident addresses as you type.

August 16, The all-electric series will wrap up its third season with races on. Is no shortage of places to set up shop and get back to nature. The many Schroon Lake campgrounds offer visitors full hook-up sites, wilderness and tent sites. Now all you have to do is work up the courage to talk to him, give him your number, or nod to the exit. The following hookup may happen in your.

At one point in time, a British pub warned: New York is the worst place to meet women. To make use of our revolutionary bot, place your things in one of its bins. Concierge representative can hook you up with the most sought-after theatre. Belvedere Lake is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy an evening around the fire. We offer full and partial hookup sites as well as a tent section that is.

Many of the citys parks have trails where hikers can explore and connect with nature.

The 10 Best Hook-Up Bars In NYC

News New York has two cruise ports with their own passenger terminal facilities. The NYC cruise ship schedule includes voyages the whole year-round. During winter are popular southbound itinerary destinations — Caribbean and Bahamas. The vessel became the largest boxship to transit under the Bayonne Bridge.

Trash collection is the fifth-most dangerous job in America, according to fatality data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A commercial trash worker in New York City can pick up as much as 30 tons of garbage per night, over the course of a shift that can last as long 16 hours.

Hilton Garden Inn Per the Secaucus. Download schedule in PDF format. One thing worth noting is that while the bus to NYC picks up in front of the hotel, the return bus from NYC drop off location is not as convenient. This fact is mentioned in a few reviews for this hotel at tripadvisor. This is because the hotel is on a one-way eastbound access road. You will need to cross Paterson Plank Road and walk along a highway ramp to get back to the hotel.

NYC’s 7 Hottest Cougar Caves

Share this article Share ‘We both have shared custody of our girls so we have no access to peace and quiet,’ he explained. The first time, I booked on the spur of the moment, and it turned into a lot of fun. The MAve, a chic boutique hotel in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, partnered up with Day Use but it will; soon end its contract because of ‘bad publicity’ Meanwhile a married year-old, who also wished to remain anonymous, said she uses the service to indulge in extramarital affairs. The Manhattan-based advertising executive is a member of Ashley Madison – an introduction agency for those wanting some illicit action on the side – and has had two short-term affairs since joining nine months ago.

There’s no paper trail, and it’s affordable’ She said one of the major attractions of DayUse is that it is convenient and discreet. No credit card details are required to make a booking via email and cash is paid at check-in.

If you’re simply looking to forgo the endless lines that tourist attractions bring forth, below are 12 non-touristy things to do in New York City.

What is the best way to pick up girls? There are many different ways to pick up girls, and there is no fool-proof method which works because all girls are different. In teen dating this is especially true. Confidence and humor are the key winners in all situations. Some common methods which work well: This will spark her interest, and make her smile. If possible you can make a few jokes which she will like and make her relax.


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Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Let’s try your email address again! Inspired by multi-residence buildings that were all the rage in Paris, New York developers began introducing the idea of “French flats” to monied Manhattanites around The idea caught on, and by the turn of the 20th century, about half of the wealthy city residents had opted for apartment-style living.

Eager to attract even more upper class families—especially as laws allowed buildings to grow taller and subways made them more accessible—real estate developers in the first few decades of the s released a series of pamphlets advertising attractive options. The floor plans below are all taken from and brochures. But just because they were giving up their mansions didn’t mean these upper and middle class families were ready to forgo luxury. The apartments feature up to a dozen rooms each—although any New York readers will undoubtedly do a double-take at the prices for these swanky digs.

Facilities for washing, drying and ironing are available on the top floor and accommodations for servants were available in the basement. The Dorilton There were four apartments per floor in this building, which was located at the intersections of Broadway, Amsterdam Ave and 72nd Street.

Where to Buy an EZ Pass in NYC

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum loading map – please wait We are honored to continue the tradition and to host the sea service members. During Fleet Week, we all work towards one mission — to provide hard-working families with a safe, decent and affordable home.

Oct 10,  · Taking photos of other people without their permission is a “no no” but taking pictures of your partner/friends etc is fine. If you are taking a “selfie” then you just need to be careful what is in the background and if you persisted and it appeared you were trying to get someone else in the background you may be challenged.

Capri Anderson, the porn star involved in Charlie Sheen’s rampage at The Plaza hotel, isn’t the only woman to be involved in some naughty business at a posh New York hotel. Not only do some key hotel staffers look the other way on paid sex, they make some of the encounters happen, one ex-booker told the Daily News. If an out-of-town guest wants a paid “date” with a girl, the staffer gives her a call. A Plaza spokeswoman was shocked, shocked that hookers ever plied their trade there, telling The News, “We do not comment on our guests.

A lot of guys who stay at the hotels go down to the bar and they’ll have a few drinks with a pretty girl. At some point, she hits him with a price. It’s an impulse buy. They are arranged by escort services with fancy names and websites featuring pouting, nearly naked women. Sheen is not the only movie star who has used escort agencies. Pros who shared names with me listed famous actors, comedians, hip-hop moguls, baseball players, hockey stars, elected officials, well-known execs, two prime ministers and even a king.

They range from “nice” to “quirky” to “abusive” – in which case they’re blacklisted. What they’re into behind closed hotel doors spans the range of human fantasy, but a Heidi Fleiss girl once told me Sheen asked her to wear a cheerleader’s outfit.

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