Let the Right One In

This Swedish vampire film gives a blood transfusion to a dying genre. By Todd Gilchrist In the opinion of this critic, vampire movies — and really, vampire stories — have pretty much run their course. Unlike zombie stories, which seem to be flourishing in countless forms, vampire mythology has not only been fully established for more than a century, but explored thoroughly in almost every artistic medium. All of which is why Let the Right One In is such a refreshing surprise: A bloodsucker story that’s rich with originality and feeling, this Swedish import is a terrific love story and vampire tome that not only rewards the genre’s fans but rekindles interest in its virtually exhausted foundations. Kare Hedebrant plays Oskar, a transparent Swedish youth who is so bullied at school he can’t even stand up against the dribble of snot that drains out of his nose when he ventures outside to play in the snow. One day, a girl named Eli Lina Leandersson moves in next door and, even though she mysteriously never turns up at his school, the two become friends after she introduces herself one night in front of their building. After Eli’s caretaker, Hakan Per Ragnar , is apprehended by the police for trying to drain blood from a passerby, Oskar begins to realize that Eli is a vampire.

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What we get, instead, is a thoughtfully plotted adult fable that builds quiet momentum while winding toward a true stunner of a climax that will literally leave you breathless. Largely ignored at home, where he quietly passes off his bruises as playground accidents, Oskar soon strikes up a friendship with his mysterious neighbor Eli Lina Leandersson , who appears seemingly out of nowhere one night in their moonlit apartment-complex courtyard.

At first Eli claims that under no circumstances can she and Oskar be friends, though her initially steely resolve seems to weaken significantly after a few more encounters in the courtyard and a revelation by Oskar that the picked-upon boy has never felt comfortable sharing with his emotionally distant parents. But as Oskar attempts to summon the courage needed to strike back at his tormentors, something unusual is happening around town; there’s a serial killer on the loose — a homicidal maniac with an insatiable bloodlust.

As the locals attempt to identify the killer and Oskar makes a shocking discovery about Eli, the time comes for the frightened boy to weigh his fears against his instincts while taking his tenuous first steps toward manhood.

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Well, the Hollywood 14 brings it to town on Friday. That means the ball is in your court. If you want to see this movie—if you want to see more movies like this booked here—get out there and support it. Let the Right One In deserves it. What a relief—and what a delight—it is to be able to praise a horror film without a string of qualifiers and excuses! And the man presented as her father, Hakan Per Ragnar , is really her familiar—a singularly inept keeper, who is supposed to protect her and provide her with the human blood she needs to exist.

Similarly, the book explains who Hakan is, while the movie merely hints. In many ways, Let the Right One In is an achingly sad film about loneliness, and about Oskar and Eli finding respite from that in each other. Is it a romance? It can certainly be read as one—though this is worlds away from the romance novel sap of Twilight.

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Let the Right One In (2008) Review

Schoolboy Oskar Kare Hedebrant is befriended by Eli Lina Leandersson , who seems like a normal 12 year-old girl but is actually a vampire. Hakan Per Ragnar , who procures her victims, is caught by the police, and the friends of a drunk she has killed resolve to track her down. Dracula has to inveigle maidservants or poor, mad Renfield into opening the windows and uttering the words of welcome.

Like the business with casting no reflection, getting freaked out by the cross or being repelled by garlic, this convention has become so commonplace that it can be defused by jokes. No previous vampire movie has addressed this scrap of myth quite as rigorously as Let The Right One In — which is all about what happens, for good or ill, when someone willingly invites a vampire into their home, their confidence and their life.

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