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Great Little Mixer, But This has got the worst power supply connecter I have ever seen! The plug is identical to an S-VHS plug. It is incredibly fragile, difficult to align in the Read complete review First, the bad. It is incredibly fragile, difficult to align in the dark, and does not fit tight, allowing it to wobble in the socket causing the power to cut in and out if the mixer is moved. Even if you take exceptional care of your equipment, I can’t see this connector lasting very long.

Bose Acoustic Wave music system II is garbage

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So, anyway, I get over there, and we have it hooked up and ready to go in about 3 minutes. Certainly looks nice with its graphite finish and modular design, blah blah blah. He turns it on and pops in a CD copy of the My Generation remaster. There’s almost no bass response and the high end is almost overwhelming. I suggest we try a more modern CD that has a bit wider dynamic range. I had a copy of the Prodigy’s Fat of the Land in my car, so we pop that in. Sounds just about as abysmal as My Generation.

We concluded the night by packing the Bose components back into their respective boxes. He’ll be returning everything tomorrow. Long story short, unless you’ve got money to burn on junk, avoid the Acoustic Wave Music System II like the plague it is. Oddly, Ive just listened to one of these, a few months ago, and while not fantastic at all, it actually amazed me sound wise.

The sony you mention is all boom and sizzle, the Bose was actually very listenable with a decent for its size low end. I saw one at a flea market outdoors. A guy had one set up to provide music for his day.

Seaguar Kanzen Braided Line Green

The guy claimed it worked. It didn’t, but it was an interesting piece of garage art for awhile, till I sold it because I needed the space more than the eye candy, but the best part? I paid 30 bucks for the scope, an old Coats Tireman tire changer, which I still have but don’t use, and a home-made transmission jack that weighed as much as a dead horse. Same story, “worked when we used it last about 20 years ago”.

Lot of (20) Brand New 21″ Tarp Straps. See Picture Below For Close Up Of Strap. Heavy Duty Natural Rubber. Perfect for Boat Covers, Truck Tarps, Farms, Motorcycles, Camping, Canopies and All Other General Applications Where You Need a Reliable Heavy Duty Strap.

Opt out or contact us anytime Through it all, he stuck to his philosophy: The next generation is grabbing that message and running with it. At Whitfield , the new restaurant inside the Ace Hotel, Brent Young, a native son who had helped build the Meat Hook butcher shop in Brooklyn, lobbied passionately for a job conceiving the whole-animal-fixated menu, and brought in the locally grown chef Bethany Zozula and the pastry chef Casey Shively to run the kitchen.

Whitfield opened in December; reaction was quick and unexpected. Their Smallman Galley consists of four kiosks in which different chefs showcase their cooking for 18 months. Benson see Smallman as a way to cater to the tastes of the young employees of Apple, Uber and Google who are starting to occupy new apartments in the area. So I slowly figured out what my contribution would be to the city.

People get squeezed out. Despite his trailblazing, Mr. I welcome and applaud this changing Pittsburgh. Shuck said in an email.

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Or so goes the typical media narrative about college life today. In fact, what the data reveals is that, not only is dating alive and well, but modern students do not seem to be any more sexually active than students from previous generations. Advertisement In a new study published in the Journal of Sex Research , scientists at the University of Portland compared data from the General Social Survey at two different points in time: For each 8-year period, the researchers tabulated the sexual behaviors of all year-old adults who participated.

What did they find? Compared to students from the 80s and 90s, students today did not report having sex more often, nor did they report having greater numbers of sexual partners.

Okay, so it’s only Monday morning, but with the short week (another game on Thursday), Ben’s show was pushed up a day: Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger says he is thankful the hit he took Sunday in Baltimore wasn’t more serious, but that he is definitely feeling it Monday.

Daily business briefing What is hooking up? As any high school or college kid could tell you, hooking up refers to the phenomenon in which two people—who may or may not know each other well, or at all—get together for the express purpose of fooling around, often after a lot of drinking. Hooking up can involve anything from kissing and heavy petting to oral sex and intercourse, but what all hookups have in common is that the physical involvement precedes an emotional relationship—if the latter develops at all.

For many young people, hooking up has become the most common way to begin sexual relationships. Rather than getting to know each other over time, two young people meet, and a hookup is proposed and accepted. A recent Stanford University study found that about 75 percent of college students hook up by senior year, and that the average number of hookups per person is 6.

As for the younger set, 30 percent of teenagers surveyed for a Bowling Green State University study reported having had intercourse, and of those, 61 percent said it was with someone they did not consider a boyfriend or girlfriend. But sociologists say several factors have combined to make hooking up something truly new and different.

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reviews of Off The Hook “The oysters are absolutely amazing. Best oysters I’ve had, and I’ve been to a lot of oyster places. The dessert is also phenomenal, and I don’t usually think so. If you have allergies to seafood or other things, they.

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After Craigslist and Manhunt, Here is Where Gays Will Get Their Clicks

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How much should I be paying for weed? This is a question that I get asked quite frequently. The question is simple enough, but the answer is much trickier.

The Pitt Gaming network was created to support network access for gaming consoles and smart TVs that do not have the capacity to store a username and password. It is not intended as a network connection point for PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets that do have the means to store and present a University Computing Account username and password. Pittsburgh campus residents can also use an Ethernet cable to connect a device to their room’s data port.

More advanced functions of smart TVs, such as screen sharing, will not function on the Pitt Gaming network. No functions that involve the sharing of the network feed over wireless are supported. In order to connect one of these devices to the Pitt Gaming Network, you will need to register it with the University. The following steps document how to go about registering a device and connecting it to the Pitt Gaming Network.

Determine the Device to be Connected Before starting this process, you will need to decide which device you would like to connect to the Pitt Gaming Network in this fashion. Due to limited administrative resources, the University can allow only one non-authenticating device per resident student to connect to Pitt Gaming. You can always switch your registration to another device. But you will have to go through the registration and configuration process again.

Determine Your Device’s MAC Address Each device that can connect to the internet features a unique, twelve-character address that is used to identify the device on the network.

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Ounce — O 28 grams Factors Affecting the Price of Weed The following factors can have a profound impact on the price of your weed. Legality This factor is obviously huge. I live in Colorado so finding inexpensive cannabis is no problem. Of course, prices vary. Quality This is an obvious factor, but still worth mentioning. I remember in high school smoking what we called regs.

My phone rings off the hook, here’s the latest from my journalist’s notebook! A New Man In Charge. Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Eric Hermick has retired.

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UP PGH team safely delivers baby by EXIT TO AIRWAY (Nov. 4, 2015)