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Now, snaking around the snout of Nova Scotia and into the Gulf of Maine is a new, unseen threat to Yarmouth Bar and hundreds of coastal communities in Maine, eastern New England and the Maritimes: The Gulf of Maine — which extends from Cape Cod in Massachusetts to Cape Sable at the southern tip of Nova Scotia, and includes the Bay of Fundy, the offshore fishing banks, and the entire coast of Maine — has been warming rapidly as the deep-water currents that feed it have shifted. Pershing says that the warming the Gulf of Maine is currently experiencing is unprecedented, both in its speed and temperature. Many of other commercially important bottom-dwelling fish — including cod, pollock and winter flounder — have been withdrawing from Maine and into the southwestern part of the gulf, where the bottom water is cooler. Endangered right whales have virtually stopped visiting the waters off Lubec and Grand Manan because the tiny cold-loving copepods that they feed on — as do herring and, indirectly, almost everything else in the gulf — are in short supply there. Warm-water invaders are gaining a toehold, and those that already had one are taking over. Green crab populations exploded in and , extirpating soft-shell clams from vast areas of mudflats and stripping the northern parts of Casco Bay of their life-sustaining eelgrass meadows, which have yet to recover. Blue crabs, a species normally identified with the sultry Chesapeake, have appeared in lobster traps and in southwestern Nova Scotia have started making themselves at home. Asian shore crabs now dominate the shores of seacoast New Hampshire.

46 Reasons Not To Move To Portland 2018 Edition

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August, by plesorgen My wife and I did this trail on a weekday in August. We started in parking lot D, then rode north to the lighthouse, and then we turned around and continued to ride into Sea Bright. The trail was great, open, and pretty empty on a weekday. I would imagine it is packed on the weekends, especially in summer. It is flat, for the most part open, and there are rest rooms along the way.

We had lunch in Sea Bright, and then returned to our car.

Five Years After Sandy Hook, Emilie Parker’s Family Finds Joy, Solace

Over three hours from Seattle, including a ferry ride from Anacortes. Looking for a new way to discover Orcas Island? Book a yurt at Doe Bay Resort and Retreat. Yurts are available year-round, although some only include Queen beds and bedding from May through October. These ones come with electricity, a minimal heat source and year-round Queen bed and bedding. Generally, there is a minimum two-night stay for advance bookings.

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Official warns of potential Portland area levee breaches, flooding The jaw-dropping images out of Texas have left some along the Columbia River worried about how they might fare if a storm slammed through the area. For Maryhelen Kincaid, seeing what’s happening in Houston is gut wrenching, but it’s also making her think about her own home, which is near the river. She is part of Levee Ready Columbia, a group made up of five cities, and state and federal officials, all working together to maintain area levees.

One catastrophe that comes to mind, is the last big flood in the Portland area. It hit Vanport in Houses literally floated away and 15 people died.

Sandy Hook Multi-Use Pathway

Truck drivers cannot see little things in their huge blind spots. Large vehicles off-track when turning, so they will appear to be going straight and often swing wide before making a right turn. Cyclists hit by turning trucks is a repeating news story which highlights the most serious deficiency in our system — education of cyclists.

Apr 17,  · There are also several places that have all ages shows. So you can find some local talent as well as find a girl that’s into the same type of music as you. There are also literally HUNDREDS of coffee shops and book stores in Portland. Several that are 24 hours. Grab a book, a friend, or a sketch pad and go hang : Resolved.

New Survivorman Bigoot episodes are underway on a brand new, one-stop, platform called Survivorman TV. Check it out on the banner link below. First and foremost Les, thank you and I really appreciate you talking with me. Ya, you can just call it Survivorman TV. Like a paid membership base sort of network for everything I do. And its been great. You have complete and absolute control. No networks notes to worry about or anything like that. And it gave me a place to put some new Bigfoot stuff as well.

Cutting off from all the networks. Are you going to be doing minute episodes, minute stuff or will it be short clips here and there? I still do things the way I want to do them.

‘The risk is real’: Official warns of potential Portland area levee breaches, flooding

Learn about trees and get nutty about squirrels! Lewis Creek Story Time: When the air gets chilly, our animal friends find homes for the winter. This is an indoor program and requires RSVP for children and adults by 4 p.

Yeah but in portland more than other places old dudes harass the shit out of you. Also i feel like grindr is a bunch of guys trying to sell themselves to each other. I have grindr, but all the guys just want sex.

On an autumn afternoon in Brush Prairie, Wash. Painted pumpkins sit in the shade of their covered porch. Inside, the picture is no less bucolic. Lines of hazy sunlight filter through the blinds in the family room where Robbie reads on a sofa with 9-year-old Madeline. Dressed in a long-sleeve turquoise shirt, stretchy black pants and baby pink socks, she curls up close to him. Robbie leans over and explains it to her. The Parkers lived in Connecticut, in Newtown, when their oldest daughter Emilie was still alive.

A year after the shooting, Robbie, Alissa and their two younger daughters, Madeline and Samantha, drove to New London to dedicate the playground to Emilie. There, with about volunteers, the Parkers helped build a pink, blue and black playground overlooking the Thames River. In the months after the shooting, as the Parker family weighed whether to stay in Connecticut, the Parkers were forced to ask questions they never imagined they would have to consider:

Earthquake strikes in nearly same spot as 1993 ‘Spring Break Quake’

Land based action Oct 31 There has been a fair bit of action happening on the land based fishing front. All along the shoreline of the bay there has been activity from a few different options. Squid and salmon have been plentiful and the landbased pinkies and snapper have been good.

Portland Great cruising place for bike riders. Lots of apartments near Clackamas town center that have lots of young guys, straight, bi, and gay, who have a lot of pent-up dicks that need to be taken care of.

We have found 10 hot spots that are sure to crank up that summer heat and satisfy the need to wet a hook and catch some fish. There are endless opportunities for all, from bank fishing and non-boat-owning options to boat launching availabilities. The impoundment has limited bank-fishing opportunities. This location also gets a good rating for kid-friendly fishing. Primary access for fishing is by boat, private boats are allowed, and hours and dates are restricted and change seasonally.

The banks are clear all around the lake and you can drive right down to the edge. You can bank launch a small boat, and the cows and their patties are a bonus. Fishing here is as near a sure thing as you can get, but can get rather pricey, as you pay for your fish by the pound, and there is no catch-and-release of catfish without paying a premium. Bank access is good and boats without gas motors can be launched. Fishing tends to be hit or miss. The lake spans acres. Right now, the lake has been lowered significantly for maintenance, and fishing is temporarily on hold.

When the lake is full, bank access is excellent, plus there are all the amenities one expects at a state park.

My Favorite, Secret Swimming Spot near Portland, Oregon