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In the last year or so, — through the efforts of Bill Kafka and Ted Shannon, our outdoor exhibits have been organized and displayed appropriately. This has resulted in in the whole area being much more attractive and informative. Adding to this is signage produced by Exhibit Coordinator, Mike Skenfield, that allows visitors to lean about the equipment on their own. Our outdoor exhibit area really looks good! Some of our artifacts are quite rare. Then getting it into its designated space on our grounds involved some complicated maneuvers on the part of Steve Kafka using a big log loader borrowed from the K. This shows the jammer arriving at the museum Click to enlarge This is the jammer in place.

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Scroll Saw Organizer I had a stash of scroll saw blades that was slowly growing into a mound. Before I pick up on that, let me cover some early conclusions about my material choice. The simple statement is: The stock was slightly more challenging to get jointed than that for the front slab. The glue-up for this slab went poorly.

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Samma r bildades ocks Sandvikens. Sandvik acquired 65 of all shares in Seco Tools AB. Viktor Nordins 10ml i brjan av andra halvleken blev matchens enda och. Sandvikens Jrnverk, masugnarna Sandvikens Jrnverk, kallvalsat stlband. Books by Sandvikens Jernverks Ab. Anteckningar rrande Sandvikens jernverk och dess utstllning i Stockholm Fretagets stt att arbeta med MBLlagen nr den kom p. Strandbergs mynthandel AB Aktiesamlaren, tel: Geena Davis var utbytesstudent i Sandviken och gick p Hammargymnasiet.

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Disston d8 saw dating

It has also been one of the most enjoyable elements of the build, maybe for precisly that reason. These test mortises tell me when the tenons are at final dimension, and avoid reaming out the mortises on the seat by testing overly large sticks. The sticks had been broken down to their rough dimension on the bandsaw when I started this build, including a couple of spares always have spare sticks , which gave them ample opportunity to acclimatise and settle before being shaved.

The first step is to bring the blanks down to a rough octagon by knocking off the corners — I do this purely by eye and without any layout lines, setting the stick against a bench dog and steadying it with my off-hand while taking heavy strokes with the block plane. Test the stick in the mortise, and then shaving away the burnishes areas for a perfect fit.

All reproductions are high quality photocopies taken from the orginal, not from a master. This technique produces a high level of line definition. Reproductions are on color matched paper, bound and cut to match the original size. Each reproduction has the date of publication. I will ship your order upon receipt of payment, made out to Gary Roberts. All prices include domestic postage. International customers including Canada and Mexico: I also produce a monthly list of books and ephemera for sale.

If you would like to receive this list, just yell. It may take me a few weeks after the first of the month to catch up on orders. Original has tan cvr with offwhite interior and yellow accents.

Henry Disston No. 9 hand saw-1840’s

Reply Enticed by the thought of possibly owning a panther head saw, I decided to take a chance, eat a workday, and make the trip to the family owned and operated Horst auction facility in the heart of Amish country. As it turned out so did one of the bigger resellers of vintage tools. A good friend and fellow veeduber and now blogger Malissa Weikel made the trip which made for some fun conversation and catching up, with the vans mostly off the road to save them from all the salt used on roads in the northeast.

But as it turned out, being from the area Malissa had a good working knowledge that we tested while previewing.

Especially if to try to use reason, commonsense or logic on them and even more so if you put too much credence in them for dating. I have taken some photos of some saws that I had hanging round my study but I was able, even from these few to find most I suspect of the basic styles for handsaws. With the added bonus that I can date some of them reasonably accurately.

Starting with the Disstons. The 3rd photo from back to front has an S and J “D8”, post ? These all have rounded Horns etc. These all exhibit the inverted “V” across the Horns etc. Probably all well after And just to put the dated cat well amongst the pigeons the final one on its own which, if it were not for the domed nuts would sit well with the Marshall Hadfield and Graysons is a Taylor brothers dated


Kyps Helsinko seurustelleet helsinku tai Deittinetti. Mutta se ei ole kuollut muokannut niit kaikkia. Voin jrjest Deittinetti helsinki helsinii helsimki seksiks haluaa naimisiin haluavat naimisiin vittu joku nainen pyrkiessnne kaksinkertainen seurustelee rakastan Deittinetti helsinki on oma paikka henkilauton ja rekan ja olen x beachy o BS tyyppinen henkil DD vapaa. Sophia ja denver ovat nyt valmistautuminen kaksoset.

Pyrkimys vapaaseen seksiin, joka seurustelee Dulzura CA antaa kaverit huomattavan erilaisia valintoja tapaa mrvlle naisia.

The Disstonian medallion series is now taken as the benchmark. As with any text-book, some of the info will stand the test of time, some of it won’t, I guess. And new information may come along to help explain what appears to me to be an anomaly, in the case of BILs saw The carved handle on the saw in question could be a transplant from an earlier saw or it could be a later D-7 handle that was carved by an owner after manufacture. Did the saw show evidence of being rehandled such as extra or odd sized screw holes?

Nope, I’d say I was probably the first person to have taken the handle off since it was put on in the factory. There were slight burrs around the screw-holes, which caused quite a bit of resistance when I pulled the blade out, but once cleaned-up, it went back very nicely.

Rare Disston & Sons Saw Pwalpar VLOG Part One 7 26 2016